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I like this poster a lot. It looks like a real poster made by Fresh TV! The fact that the poster looks so simple works well, because it...

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Hello there,guys!

Watch out for YoshiAndCody.  If you don't know who is this guy, let me enlighten you. This guy is a rabid Cody fan, and if someone doesn't like Cody he writes something like "Fuck you" and then later hides it to make him look all innocent and shit, also if someone is an MLP fan he links a Youtube video called "Ban all bronies."
He's also incredibly rude to anyone who likes Duncan and/or Trent. He even went on a huge rant on a Gwent picture on how people hate Cody just because people happen to ship Gwuncan or Gwent. Which is absurd. Not all Gwuncan or Gwent fans hate Cody.

Beware of this guy. Block him from your Deviantart Account. Especially if you are a Cody hater and/or an MLP fan.
Why do many Total Drama fans support Dawn and Scott as a couple?

I know because of the "beetle whisperer" thing, but still, i really don't get the popularity for this couple.
Scott voted her off Dawn, he threw her into a garbage bag, and at the finale, Dawn laughed at Scott's injuries.
Another reason why i despise this couple because some insane Dott fans attacked an user called Gilaw77 because she hates Dott and she prefers Bawn.
So tell me again why do many people like this pairing so much?

I ship Dawn with B mostly. But i also like her with Brick, Noah, Cody, and Cameron.
As for Scott, i ship him with Amy. Or maybe even with Courtney.
I like this poster a lot. It looks like a real poster made by Fresh TV! The fact that the poster looks so simple works well, because it's not too complex for anyone. The main focus being the big ten with Chris McLean inside of it. Choosing Chris McLean was as the character used was perfect, just because he is the host of the show, I'm sure it would be cool to see a poster with more characters on it, but there's a chance that it would end up cluttering the poster, so good job. The black and white are fitting colors. It's also good to see a representation of the 10th anniversary of Total Drama, it's the first one I've seen all year. Anyway, this poster is amazing!
Hello everyone!

I decided to make a comparison between Total Drama characters as Sonic characters.

Remember,that's my opinion:

Cody as Sonic

Noah as Tails

Tyler as Knuckles

Sierra as Amy Rose

Dj as Vector

Harold as Espio

Ezekiel as Charmy

Justin as Mighty

Owen as Big

Dawn as Tikal

Katie as Cream

Cameron as Emerl

Gwen as Blaze

An intern as Omochao

Trent as Silver

B as E-102-Gamma

Duncan as Shadow

Courtney as Rouge

Sam as Omega

Scott  as Jet

Jo as Wave

Brick as Storm

Alejandro as Dr.Eggman

Sadie as Cheese

Any thoughts on this? Comment!
Hello guys, it's BlackTG1999 here!

Here's what i will upload in the future:

-Top Ten Best Total Drama Moments
-Top Ten Worst Total Drama Moments
-Top Ten Best Total Drama Competitors
-Top Ten Worst Total Drama Competitors
-Total Drama Winner Rankings
-Top 87 Total Drama Contestants
-Top Ten Most Unnecessary TD Cruelty
-Top Ten Worst Things about TDAS
-Top Ten Best Disney Movies 
-Top Ten Worst Total Drama Derailments
-Total Drama Zombie Apocalypse Meme
-TD Controversy Meme 
-Top 10 Favorite Animated Series
-Total Drama Boys Meme
-Total Drama Girls Meme
-TDI My Way Meme
-TDA My Way Meme
-TDWT My Way Meme
-TDROTI My Way Meme
-TDAS My Way Meme
-TDPI My Way Meme
-Sonic Controversy Meme
-Top 10 Total Drama Couples
-Top 10 Total Drama Crack Couples
-First Generation Rankings
-Second Generation Rankings
-Third Generation Rankings
-Total Drama Episode Rankings
-TDRR Team Rankings

And i will upload many more things in the future.

Any opinion on this? Comment!


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Hello there, and welcome to my Deviantart page!
Facts about me:
I am a huge fan of Total Drama:
- And a majority of discussions wiil be about Total Drama.
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